4 reasons why you need a reusable drinks bottle

Single-use plastic disposable bottles shouldn’t and don’t have to be used anymore really. Still there are thousands of plastic water bottles sold annually at the UvA and HvA. And i’m not even mentioning disposable bottles with soft drinks and sparkling water. High time for change! Here are 4 reasons why, for me, you’re not allowed to use single-use plastic disposable bottles anymore.

You cause less waste

It seems from the waste analysis on Sustainability Day (10/10/2019) that the large part of our rubbish is bound for the incinerator. And this despite a lot of this rubbish often still being usable! Here are two solutions: separating the rubbish well and creating less of it. By using a reusable bottle you make it a fair bit easier for both yourself and eventually the world.

Reusable bottles look nicer than plastic bottles

Definitely not the most important reason, but it is a fun one: Join the Pipe have unbelievably nice bottles with the recognizable Amsterdam townhouses on it. These bottles are also available on your campus. So these are actually two reasons in one.

The Dutch tap water must be some of the best in the world

How often can you not drink water out of the tap on holiday? Do I need to say more? One of our basic needs just comes straight out of the tap here. Why would you not make use of it?

You save a lot of money

According to a calculation from the Voedingscentrum you can save yourself a lot of money by drinking tap water. “For 1 euro you can drink water for the whole year, if you go off 1.5 litre per person per day. With bottled water it’s 150 to 500 times more expensive (Voedingscentrum).”

Are you opting for reusable? #WHYNOT