5 tips against food waste

Hey! My name is Berend and i am the sustainability blogger at Enjoy Today. I study nutrition and dietetics at the HvA and am currently busy with my internship. Through my studies i know a lot about food and the production of it. I’m going to provide you with tips/trends/whatever twice a month around the subject of food and sustainability.

This week i want to talk about food waste

Food waste is the stupidest problem that there is. Full stop. Millions of people on this planet are hungry while we just chuck everything in the bin. Also think about the unnecessary pollution resulting from the production of food which just ends up in the rubbish bin.

According to milieu centraal annually we waste 700 million kilo’s of good food that’s still fine to eat. The largest part, 42% according to InStock, is wasted by the consumers themselves. Luckily there are enough Dutch people that see that this can’t go on any longer. According to this article the Dutch now waste on average around 7kg less food than they did three years ago. We’re heading in the right direction! But it could be better. Therefore here’s five tips to counteract food waste yourself in an cheap and easy way:

Voedingscentrum eating buddy

You know it, you’ve had a long day at uni and you’re hungry. You throw pasta in your pan and always cook too much. The Voedingscentrum has therefore developed the eating buddy. With this measuring cup you measure precisely the amount of pasta, rice, water etc. needed per person, based on the recommended daily amounts. Handy because at the same time you keep an eye on the calories you’re consuming. Order it here for FREE.

Too good to go

You’re hungry and open the fridge: anticlimax, you’ve got no food left. It’s also the end of the month and you’re eagerly awaiting your monthly sponsoring from Ome Duo. The solution: The app Too good to go. Order for around €5,- a mystery box from your local supermarket/restaurant/coffee shop/baker filled with products nearly past their sell-by-date. Save the food and save your purse. I received this absurd amount of food for €5,- from my local supermarket. Braise turkey, oven vegetables and mushrooms in the oven for 30 mins with a soy sauce/honey/garlic/chilli marinade and you’ve got a delicious evening meal for the next three days.


Restaurant Instock puts food waste on the map. Every day they collect unsold products from the local supermarkets. The chefs then create the tastiest creations from it. For max €10,- you have, as well as a full stomach, even saved food from the rubbish bin. Visit instock at the Czaar Peterstraat.


You look in the fridge and see half a bag of kale and a pot of hummus. Now what are you going make with that? Kale chips with hummus sauce of course! There are various sites that help you with creating gastronomic delights with the leftovers in your fridge.

On Supercook you can enter the ingredients still in your fridge and the app comes up with a recipe that you can make. It’s also nice to surprise your house mates! Other sites are kliekipedia.nl and Jamie Oliver leftover recipes.


Kromkommer produces delicious soups based on vegetables that the supermarkets think aren’t nice enough to put in the shops. So-called misfits. Wonky carrots or straight aubergines don’t end up in the bin this way but instead in your soup bowl. Buy kromkommer at all large supermarkets.

Have you also got some handy tips? Let me know in the comments!