what to find where

Opening hours

The opening hours for each location can be found by clicking on UvA or HvA in the menu.

What’s on offer

You will find a ‘Base’ at each campus. This is a central meeting place in the centre of the campus with a variety of food formulas. 

For a lovely cup of coffee or a snack in between, you will find kiosks and coffee bars at various locations. You can also buy a hot drink, a soda or snack at one of the vending machines that are placed throughout the buildings.    

The offer will be further completed at times with coffee carts and food trucks. You will find these during busy moments in the lobby and outdoor areas.

Local entrepreneurs

All food and drink facilities are managed by Cormet In the restaurants local entrepreneurs from the Amsterdam region are contracted by Cormet. These entrepreneurs will provide a variety of food and stay for a couple of hours (pop-up) till a number of weeks, before moving to a different location.

Via de links below you will find the local entrepreneurs and products per location:

UvA | Science Park - gebouw 904
UvA | Roeterseilandcampus - gebouw H
UvA | Universiteitsbibliotheek

HvA | Amstelcampus - Wibauthuis
HvA | Leeuwenburg
HvA | Fraijlemaborg
HvA | Nicolaes Tulphuis

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