Students and employees see sustainability clearly as one of the pillars for the new food and drinks concept at the UvA and HvA.

From the start of the project a lot of attention has been given to sustainability: in workshops with employees and students, in the quotation and in the contracting phase.

Below you can see what we have already started with.

• Share your ideas and feedback
• Open for input

• Foodlab
• Open for start-ups
• Joint research projects with Uva & HvA
• Internships

Sustainable logistics
• No more local dishwashers
• 1 logistics hub
• Combined transport to locations
• Sustainable transport
• Central production location

Vending machines
• Energy label A++
Join the pipe water bottles included
• Sustainable coffee and tea
• Compostable cubs
• Life balanced product range

• Sustainable coffee & tea impact@origin programme
• Stimulate tap water vs pet bottles
Join the pipe (buy one, give one bottle)
• Healthy food concepts
• Protein transition / vegetarian
• Sustainable banqueting options
• Local producers

• Food waste prevention
• Compostable disposables
• Second life furniture
Mush bin
• Waste seperation