A liter for a liter

Text: Shannon Tobi

Last year all campuses from the UvA and HvA realised 640.591 liter of clean drinking water. Every liter of water that comes out of the coffee machines got donated to Made Blue, an organisation who realises potable water in developing countries. Through this collaboration 600 people have a 10 year accessibility to clean and safe drinking water.

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New product range coffeecorners UvA and HvA

Text: Shannon Tobi

The product range at the coffee corners has recently changed. The coffee corners now offer a variety of sweets, sandwiches- and salads, healthy vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies. 

The baristas at the coffee corner will make you a nice cup of coffee with that extra touch of latte art. 

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Food and sustainability

Text: Berend Kluijfhout

With the Day of Sustainability still fresh in our memories we have been looking for practical initiatives in which food and sustainability come together. The food chain is, unfortunately, one of the most polluting systems in the world. The production of food is responsible for almost one third of all CO2 emissions and per person we waste 41 kg of food per year. To help you fight food waste we give you five amazing possibilities.

Too good to go

Too good to go is an app in which restaurants and stores offer their food leftovers at the end of the day. For a small amount you can pick up food packages. The stores have less food waste and you get cheap food. Win win!


Instock is a restaurant that picks up unused products from the supermarket to create culinary creation. Every week there are eight different dishes on the menu, which depend on the ingredients that are picked up. In addition, they make beer from leftover bread and potatoes and countless other products. You can find Instock in the Czaar Peterstraat 21. 

Taste before you waste

Taste before you waste is a platform that wants to help consumers to waste less food. They save 250 kg per week from the trash can. Every Monday and Wednesday they offer dinners at the Dokhuis Galerie in Amsterdam - East. You pay what you want for a delicious vegetarian meal. During the exchange markets you can buy food for a small donation, how much you pay is up to you to decide. This also takes place at the Dokhuis Galerie. 

Get Chefs

Get Chef's is an app in which restaurants with leftover dishes offer those dishes for a cheaper price. As a consumer you buy the dish in the app and then pick it up or eat it in the restaurant. 

No food wasted

The 35% discount sticker from the Appie, but then digitally. Where can you buy products that run up to the expiry date? You can see this in the app no food wasted. With this app you can prevent food waste in your local supermarket and also do cheaper shopping. Click here for more info.

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Food trends for millenials

How do food companies look at the new consumer? Trend watcher Ariane van Mancius answered this question on October 4th, during the Food Forward event at FLOOR in the Kohnstammhuis.

Text: Berend Kluijfhout, Image: FLOOR

Millenials were drawn from far and wide to the debating center FLOOR in the Kohnstammhuis to discover the latest trends and to look at the most innovative food concepts. What are the trends and how do companies reach the millenial

According to Mancius, there are six different trends under millenials:


Taste is incredibly important. Especially diversity is one of the most important aspects. Food must be inclusive and for everyone there must be individual choice available. Just think of all kinds of different 'pepernoten' that are in the supermarket today. 


The packaging is one of the most important parts of a food product. Good packaging stimulates and grabs your attention. Don't think only of a beautiful label but also of the shape of the packaging. For example, think of a pouch or the existing products in a convenience packaging for on the go.


Healthier alternatives have been around for a long time. Vegetarian / vegan products and concepts shoot up like mushrooms (also vega!) from the ground. Think of the vegan junk food bar and even vegetarian burgers at the McDonald's!

Food concepts

Food concepts are (re) invented. A restaurant that is just a restaurant is really not acceptable anymore. Nowadays you can see in concepts like the avocado show and cookie dough bar Baker's Dough that even concepts around one ingredient are conceived. Guests identify with where they eat and share it on social media.

Plant friendly

Think about the environment. That is the message. Unnecessary plastic use is increasingly being abolished. Think of disposable straws that are replaced by a cardboard variant or labels that are lasered in the peel of fruit and vegetables instead of being printed on plastic packaging.


What do we think of cultured meat from a lab or 24/7 cashier-free shopping? There is still a lot that can be done in the field of technology. Here lies the future. Ethical issues lie ahead, but the future and the changes that go with it are inevitable. Food keeps stimulating our imagination.

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What's in your cup

As an open and online platform for and by students and employees we always want to engage and stimulate the conversation, online and offline. We are also curious about your experiences, inspiration and information about food, drinks and much more.

There is of course no better moment than a coffee break to catch up and hear what you think. Let us know what your favourite topics of conversation are on yourcup.coffee

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Seaweed chips and vegan shoarma win Smaak Event 2018 and Protemine ice is the audience favorite

Text: Berend Kluijfhout, image: Roeland de Knijf and own material students

KOHNSTAMMHUIS - Seaweed chips and vegan shoarma win the prize of the jury at the Smaak Event 2018. During the event, first-year students of Nutrition & Dietetics presented their new concepts to caterer Cormet and professionals from the field.

Seaweed chips

The seaweed chips are chips with 10% kelp from the North Sea accompanied with four different dips, one for each season. All ingredients originate from Dutch soil, making the product very sustainable. Moreover, they are very healthy because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Tanisha, one of the creators, knows why the seaweed chips have won: "Apart from being very sustainable our product has a very good taste. The chips themselves are already very tasty. You can eat them without the dips. (...) It's vegan, so everyone can eat it. That makes our product super yummy and super healthy." The students hope that their product will be placed in several canteens on the different campuses.

The jury chose this concept as the winner because of the sustainability of the seasonal dips is sppot on. Kjelld van Essen, jury member and format manager Cormet: "Conceptually, they took the seasons well in to consideration. They really expressed the different seasonal characters and combined it with the chips as a stable basis. (...) I can imagine seeing this concept in the canteens. "


The vegan shoarma is based on seitan (a meat substitute based on gluten) and chickpeas. By using chickpeas you get a texture that is comparable to normal shoarma. It is flavored with coriander, cumin and other shoarma herbs. Charlotte, one of the creators explains what makes their product so strong: "This product is not only for vegans but also for people who do not yet dare to eat less meat. At the moment we hear a lot about the environment and about reducing meat consumption, but people are often afraid that it is not tasty or do not know what to buy. We wanted to make something that is really tasty as a meat substitute and is different from the typical soy burger and falafel. "The product is high in protein so also suitable for athletes.

Van Essen: "The concept was just right. Students choose on the basis of taste and what is delicious. The concept looked attractive. "In addition, the jury also looked at the practical side and the target group. "Shoarma can be used as a student meal, but also after a night out."

Protemine ice cream

Protemine ice cream is protein enriched ice cream with vitamin D and calcium, in the flavors strawberry and dolce de lece coffee ice cream. According to the creators, normal high-protein ice cream is not that tasty at all. They never expected to win the audience award. Laure, one of the creators: "We did not expect that we would win, but everyone thought it was great!" The product does contain whipped cream, condensed milk and sugar. "But less than normal ice cream!" She assures us. The target group is also striking. Where most other concepts were intended for students, protemine ice cream is meant for the elderly. "We have already heard that it can catch on in hospitals or nursing homes." Soon your grandmother will be enjoying protemine ice cream!

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Five trends to look out for in the world of coffee

The world of nutrition is constantly changing, also with coffee things are changing. Do you still drink frappuccino this summer or do you prefer a blockchain nitro coffee with almond milk? We have listed five coffee trends for you.

1. Transparency and storytelling

We increasingly want to know where our coffee comes from. Which farmer has cultivated the beans and which route did the beans travel before being processed in our kickstart this morning? Large coffee brands try to comunicate the story of the farmer in their marketing. The story from bean to cup adds an extra dimension to the cup of coffee.

2. Cold brew & nitro coffee

Cold brew coffee has been here for a while, but will be really gaining momentum this summer. Instead of the standard ice coffee, more people will choose cold brew as cooling refreshment.

If you really want to do something special, go for the nitro coffee. The cold brew coffee is sprayed with nitrous oxide in a whipped cream sprayer. As a result it becomes sparkling and a kind of coffee soda is created. At Kaldi Amsterdam it is already flowing from the tap.

3. Direct trade

Secretly you know that the coffee trade is an unfair trade. Developments such as the blockchain make it possible to buy directly from the farmer without the intervention of other parties. In this way a direct, transparent sale of coffee from farmer to the consumer arises.

4. Milk alternatives

Do you still opt for a latte with cow's milk? Boring! There are countless non-animal milk alternatives today. In line with the trend to consume less and less animal products, vegetable milk alternatives have come into play. Try almond, oat or cashew milk to switch your standard cappuccino up. In the meantime, large manufacturers offer special up-to-date versions of their products to the professional catering industry.

5. Each his own cup

We are no longer satisfied with just a cup of tea nowadays. Individualism prevails and we all want something unique. The cup of coffee is part of our identity and radiates who we are. We identify with the story the product tells us and are trying to express something through how we drink our coffee.

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Research on communication of healthy choices

Nutrition and dietetics student Berend Kluijfhout has done research over the last two months on how healthy guests find the restaurant of the Wibauthuis and how they look for healthier choices within the existing range. The study was conducted among 75 students and provided useful insights and results for the optimization of the communication of health within catering.


Price and taste are the most important factors when making a choice in the canteen, according to the research results. Health came in third place. If people do choose for a healthy option, price will still play an important role. Slightly less than one in five respondents indicated that taste plays a part in making a healthy choice.

Ingredients are by far the most important factor for guests, to determine whether a choice is healthy or not. Almost three quarters of the respondents indicated this. With great distance, nutrients follow with 22.9% of the answers.

Fresh preparation and the use of fruit and vegetables are a great indicator of health for guests. More than half of the respondents indicate that products are considered healthier if they are freshly prepared and / or if fruit and vegetables are incorporated in the product.

Healthy eating is seen as expensive. Nine in ten people think that healthy eating is more expensive than the unhealthy variant.


The communication tools Cormet currently uses to communicate dietary requirements and healthy options do not work as hoped. More than half of the respondents indicated that they do not recognize the current ways of communication. So room for improvement.

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Food surplus on the menu

It is much more than a catchy phrase on the website, it is the heart of everything that INSTOCK does. Food wastage is a reality we can't deny. Food is being wasted in large quantities in the whole food chain from producer to user. Becoming aware is step one, step two is coming up with creative solutions and executing them. INSTOCK has done the latter.

In their three restaurants, creative chefs use ingredients that producers were about to throw away but that are still perfectly good. Think of products like blemished fruits and vegetables, one-day-old bread and meat and fish surplus. They create delicious dishes with these products.

Beside menu's that are the result of food waste, it looks like this is only the beginning of what is possible. They also launched a few products such as beer made of potatoes or bread rescued from the bin, and granola made from brewers' grain.

The heart to bring about change in food wastage is evident in the energy INSTOCK has directed in bringing awareness around this topic. They have developed lecture packages for primary schools, give master classes and wrote a cooking book with recipes and tips to reduce your footprint.

As food community, we think it's pretty fascinating to see what INSTOCK is doing and we can't help being inspired to think about how we at HvA and UvA can bring food wastage in the spotlight. Do you have any creative ideas with which we can help bring about more change? Get in contact with us via info@enjoytoday.amsterdam.

If you want to get the chance to win a dinner for 2 at INSTOCK, Amsterdam, start following us on instagram today.

Want to know more about INSTOCK, visit the website.

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Share your ideas on further development of catering on your campus

Fresh pasta, Asian dishes, sustainable and healthy options. From 1 January 2017, a huge variety of food and drink is available on the UvA and AUAS campuses. Nearly 5,000 students and staff members helped us develop our new catering concept by taking part in a survey on culinary and interior-design preferences.

Much has changed since we started nearly one year ago. Partly on the basis of the survey results, many restaurants and coffee corners underwent a minor or major transformation, and local entrepreneurs in cosy, hip tents are contributing to an even more attractive campus.

The new catering concept at the UvA and AUAS is based on dynamics. Over the next four years, developments in the market will be continuously monitored and implemented as desired. Students and staff play a leading role in these efforts and will continue to do so. 

Share your ideas!

In the week from 20 to 30 November, a survey will be held on the campuses among students and staff to gauge current satisfaction levels, hear your ideas and examine which specific topics should be the focus in the coming period. Follow-up steps for each individual campus will be drawn up based on the outcomes of this survey.

Will you not be at any of the campuses in the week of the survey? No problem: you can also easily and quickly (within five minutes) do the survey online here on the website! enjoytoday.amsterdam/feedback

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At the table with the Enjoy Today team!

As the food community, we want to bring our community - students, employees, academic personnel and the caterer - together so we can co-create campuses that are more enjoyable, healthy and sustainable.

The Co-Creation Circle is a new initiative in which we will realize the active progressive development of the food and beverages at the UvA/HvA. Co-Creation Circle's are small working groups that research specific topics like sustainability, price perception, health, and others. Following the research of what students and employees really think about the topic, the Circles will come together with the Enjoy Today team. This is where they can present their ideas and solutions for any challenges they have discovered. Together we will work on these and make a difference.

On the 13th of November, the first 'Circle' of enthusiastic students from Voeding and Diëtiek is kicking off. They will focus on discovering what the most important topics are for the community. If you would like to be updated on what they are, or other Circles, research shows or if you want to be part of this new initiative we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via the contact form or via Facebook.

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Different opening hours restaurants during autumn break

Despite of the hottest 16th of October ever measured in Holland it looks like the next weeks weather will be truly autumn. A perfect moment to really dig into your study, work or just watch Netflix the whole week.


If you are one of those lucky ones passing by on campus the hot chocolade, soup and much more will be available. Just take into account that opening hours for the HvA campuses might be slightly different (UvA campuses have regular opening hours) 


Overview opening hours HvA:



Brandstof 8:00-10:00                   

Restaurant 10:00-16:00


Brandstof 8:00-14:00

Nicolaes Tulphuis

Brandstof 8:00-14:00


Brandstof 10:00-14:00


Brandstof 8:00-10:00          

Restaurant 10:00-14:00


At the Theo Thijssenhuis, Benno Bremselahuis and Dr. Meurerhuis all restaurants and coffee corners are closed.

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Everything is Toastable

The last round!

On the 9th October they will not longer just be yummy looking pictures on Facebook but you will be able to taste them yourself: the three most popular toasti’s from the ‘Everything is Toastable’ competition. These three delicious original recipes from two students and a lecturer from the UvA and HvA received the most likes and will go into the grill for a month at Toastable at the UB, on the Singel.

From Monday onwards you will find the Filet Italian, Guilty Pleasure and British Breakfast on the menu. These three popular toasti’s are going to settle who will be crowned as the ultimate bestseller on 10 November in this last round of the competition. Besides fame the winner will receive their own trendy toasty grill.

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renovation and improvements of restaurants and seating areas

What happened this summer?

While many of us were enjoying a well-deserved summer holiday, Cormet and Facility Services were working hard to improve and expand the various UvA and HvA restaurants. Besides restyling and furnishing/refurnishing the seating areas, a number of restaurants have been completely rebuilt. On the  Roeterseiland campus, for example, the service area of the restaurant in building H has been converted to a food court and the seating area has been restyled. A similar metamorphosis took place at the Science Park. And that's not all and by no means 'the end'. A Grand Café, which will also be open to the local community, is scheduled to open in REC A at the end of October. Curious? Look at the photos: Facebook or Instagram.

The advantages
Besides the fact that the various eating and drinking facilities are more tailored to user requirements and preferences, the renovations have created more advantages:

Shorter waiting times
Thanks to the installation of additional cash desks at some locations, waiting times will be shorter. 

More variety in locally sourced products
The range of locally sourced products has been further expanded. In the various restaurants you will find more local entrepreneurs and more products from local suppliers.

Now summer has ended, some 'familiar faces' have returned, albeit possibly in a new location. These include Bowls n Buns, Strong Food, Sab Se Acha, Warung Wanto and Amigos Cantina. Furthermore, the range at the various locations has also been expanded and now includes the healthy, strong food products supplied by local entrepreneur Strong Food. 

A full overview of the local entrepreneurs can be found via this page on our website.

More variety in healthy choices and wider Mediterranean range

Entrepreneurs Smooth (smoothies), DASlekker, Spinach King, and Strong Food have further expanded the range of healthy products. Strong Food has also expanded the range of vegan products. Cormet will expand the healthy range, depending on what the local entrepreneurs offer, to include salads, smoothies, vegetarian and vegan soups

The demand for Mediterranean cuisine will be met with products by OfJeSpaanseWorstLust, Pasta Joe and Strong Food. Cormet will complement this with Italian rolls, wholemeal pizzas, lasagne and pastas as required.

Clear information 
Response from the target group revealed that it is not always clear to everyone where healthy meals, vegetarian or vegan food are available, for instance, or cheaper meals. A colour code is now used to indicate what can be found where:

Red = best deal (most economic)

Orange = vegan

Green = vegetarian

All up-to-date information on food and drink at UvA can be found on our website and social media. 

We would very much appreciate your continued feedback on the food and drink at UvA. New ideas, critical comments, improvement points: it is all welcome! Continued feedback is the basis for continued innovation. While current focus has been on local suppliers, there is still plenty of room for students' own initiatives. Two students, for instance, imported and sold cheesecake bars from Lithuania earlier this year. Students can set up stands with their own products. The eating and drinking facilities will consequently 'belong' to everyone and that is exactly the idea.

We like to hear from you via our social media. Ofcourse you can also sent an email to info@enjoytoday.amsterdam

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Renovating en restyling restaurants and seating areas UvA

While most of you are enjoying a well-deserved summer break, various restaurants and seating areas are being improved. In December Cormet already restyled a number of restaurants, coffee corners and seating areas.

At the beginning of September some big changes will be visible. Apart from the restyling of a number of seating areas, some restaurants will get a complete transformation. Below you will find an overview and some impressions of what you can expect upon return.

P.C. Hoofthuis
The seating area of the restaurant on the 3rd floor will be restyled.

Science park 904
The restaurant will be turned into a food court.

Roeterseiland building H
The restaurant will be turned into a food court and the seating area will be restyled as well.

Roeterseiland building A
In building A you will find a new kiosk.

Oudemanhuispoort en UB Singel
The seating area will get a total make-over.

Facilities Atrium/BG5 are closed
All facilities in the Atrium/BG5 are now closed. Cormet will be ready to serve you in Oudemanhuispoort in September.

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From awareness to behavioural change

‘Why are we paying for expensive and polluting bottled mineral water every day when we have the best tap water in the world?’ 

Leon ten Have and Joris Kemna, two students at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), feel this is ‘a crazy situation’. They are very worried about worldwide environmental issues, and are fighting to transform AUAS and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) into a bottled water-free zone – and hoping to expand to the next level from there.

‘The Netherlands has the best tap water in the world, and we have plenty of it. Why do students keep spending money on bottled water? We have to get people to break this habit. We have to create awareness, and then go from this awareness to actual behavioural change. After the Paris climate agreement and the countless newspaper headlines about the necessity of sustainability, educational institutes such as AUAS and the University of Amsterdam cannot be seen to be falling behind. The alternative that we recommend is a transition to the sustainable, refillable water bottles sold by Join the Pipe.’

Join the Pipe
Join the Pipe is the first social network of tap-water drinkers with the shared dream of building the world’s longest pipeline, in order to provide everyone, everywhere in the world, with clean drinking water. Join the Pipe promotes the drinking of tap water, with the objective of achieving a fair distribution of tap water and reducing the consumption of polluting pre-packaged mineral water. The organisation is using the proceeds from the sale of water points and refillable tap-water bottles plus donations to fund clean drinking water projects in developing countries.

Join the Pipe’s biggest milestone since they started in April 2016 is that their bottles are currently available in all the locations at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam where you can buy food and drink.

‘After a year of negotiating with various boards and the catering company that the universities use, this is a significant achievement that we’re incredibly proud of. This is the first time that refillable bottles have been available from all the restaurants on the UvA and AUAS campuses, spread across a large number of faculties. Our first milestone has been achieved!’ 

But that’s not all that Joris and Leon have managed to achieve to date.

The programme directors of two large-scale AUAS degree programmes – Media, Information & Communication (MIC) and Communication (CO) – bought 1,000 sustainable refillable water bottles from Join the Pipe to give as thank-you gifts to guest lecturers, for example. ‘A sustainable water bottle instead of the traditional bottle of wine – how great is that?! They are supporting our objectives, supporting new campaigns and sending out a clear signal.’

The Central Representative Advisory Council has ordered 250 JTP bottles, and no longer has mineral water on the table at council meetings. ‘They are embracing our vision and helping to develop a strategy.’

The Facilities department of UvA and AUAS has also bought bottles and is distributing them among its employees.

Following a presentation in the Benno Premselahuis building, lecturers from the MIC and CO degree programmes have invited Joris and Leon to give a number of talks (on topics that include storytelling) to their students. In addition, the two highly motivated students are engaged in talks with Cormet and Join the Pipe to look at concrete ways of furthering the initiative of achieving an educational environment without any PET plastic bottles at all.

‘Our work is far from over – we’re keen to take things to the next level, and we’d like to involve as many other students as possible in this. After all, the more people support the project, the more we’ll be able to achieve. You can make a statement by buying a sustainable and refillable bottle, of course, but also by helping us continue to spread the word.’

Do you have ideas about how they can expand this initiative even further? Do you have any questions? Would you like to have a chat with them about the work they’re doing? Get in touch with Joris and Leon at joriskemna@live.nl or leon.ten.have@hva.nl

Enjoy Today is giving Leon and Joris a platform, and they want to use this platform to share as many sustainable initiatives and ideas with other students as possible.

Spread the word!

Get involved!!

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Support West Papua with your lunch!

 The inhabitants of this isle have insufficient access to clean (drinking) water and that’s a situation that the International Development Project of study association Sefa wants to improve.

You can help with this by buying a lunch voucher at the Sefa Store in the E hall of the Roeterseiland campus. With this voucher, you can get a very profitable lunch at Agora; you pay €4,99 and you get a baguette, a small basic soup and a coffee, cappuccino or tea. 99 cent of every sold voucher goes to the International Development Project, which brings clean drinking water in West Papua one step closer!

This deal ends on July 7th, 2017.

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UvA students love Lithuanian cheesecakes!

Dutchies love their peanut butter, licorice and ‘hagelslag’. So when we go on holiday we will make sure we bring our own Dutch goodies with us. Sounds familiar? 

The same happened to Vincentas and Vilius, two UvA students’ economics and business, from Lithuania. They could not believe that a cheese loving country like Holland did not sell the cheesecake bars they eat every day at home in Lithuania. So they decided to import the cake to Holland and sell them at the UvA locations.

A golden opportunity?
Vincentas and Vilius, both have an entrepreneurial spirit and started their own businesses at a young age. “We see opportunities all the time and selling these cheesecakes in Holland was one of them. We started doing some research and asked students what they thought of the idea of selling the cheesecakes in Holland. They loved the idea, so after some investigation we got in touch with enjoytoday.amsterdam. They introducted us to Cormet, who is responsible for all the restaurants and coffee corners at UvA and HvA. We started the process at the end of 2016 and are very pleased that all our hard work is paying off! The first weeks we sold the bars at the Roeterseiland campus, where we study. We sold way more than we had expected!”

You named your company Thesürel, what does this mean?
Vilius: “Surel is Lithuanian for cheese, so it is a play on words. The bars are made from fresh curd*, wrapped with a thin layer of chocolate. The Magija bars are produced by Zpienas, a dairy company based in Lithuania. 

* Curd is a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk in a process called curdling

How can you further improve sales?
“Millennials love trying new products, so this is a great target market to start with. Our goal is to sell our bars to Albert Heijn and other supermarkets in the Netherlands, but first we will focus on universities and on the fine-tuning of a number of things. One of them is the communication of the product. Students think it is an ice-cream, because we display the bars on ice. We are also planning to sell different varieties, like bars with poppies or raspberries!”

How do you combine the startup of your company with your study?
“It is quite a challenge to combine it, especially in the weeks before our exams. We have divided the tasks between us, so one is focused on the logistics and the other on the marketing and expanding the business.”

Have you not tried the cheesecake bars yet, you still can! 
This week Vilius and Vincentas are selling their cakes at Science Park.


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De Krater will be open this weekend till 8PM

Because of the exam period, DE KRATER will be open till 8PM this weekend (21st and 22nd of January).

During lunch a variety of products will be provided, such as soup, paninis, bread roles and wraps.

Wishing you all the best with your exams!

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