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Who is Enjoy Today?

Are you a fan of the vega-kroket? Can’t find healthy options in the canteen? Or do you think all PET bottles should be removed from your campus? Then at Enjoy Today you’re in the right place.

Enjoy Today is THE community for students and employees, concerned with the development of everything to do with food and drink. At our independent platform everyone can share experience, inspiration and information about food, drinks and everything around it.

What does Enjoy Today do exactly?

Through sharing your information, inspiration and experience as a student or employee we can optimize your study and working environment. This is reflected by how we want to match the offering and experience of food and drink better to your needs. In addition, we strive for a varied and healthy product range on every campus. Of course we’re also all for a sustainable food and drink environment with more local caterers.

How can i be part of Enjoy Today?

We’re continuously looking for colleagues who want to strengthen our community and communication team. Have you got a great idea or want to know more? Sky is the limit, so see our various vacancies here or e-mail us.

You can also take part in research through weekly polls on the website, internship assignments, research projects and focus groups. This way you’ll also be involved in the developments on your campus.

Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter. Then you’ll be automatically updated about if the croquettes are staying (and other news of course).

Where can i go with questions and feedback about the food and drink?

You can come to us with all your questions, feedback about the food and drink and anything you’ll got to say about your experience on your campus. You can do this through our contact form, e-mail or DM on Instagram or Facebook.

If, on your campus, you have questions about the range, allergies or available products you can speak to the staff at CIRFOOD, the caterer.