New developments

CIRFOOD is busy implementing changes in the market within its own business operations. Orders are now vegetarian as standard with meat products needing to be added as extra if required. This makes an extra step towards thinking more about whether we really want to eat meat at that moment.

I say: ‘Good initiative right?’


Judith van Noort

Communication Manager , Enjoy Today


Since 1st January 2017, CIRFOOD has been the main contractor for food and drink at all locations and campuses at the UvA and HvA. A new groundbreaking concept where local caterers are contracted to provide part of the food and drink offering at various locations across the campuses in the city for shorter or longer periods. CIRFOOD offers this platform to the local caterers with the aim of bringing the city to the campus.

CIRFOOD also supplies banqueting for events such as lectures, seminars, meetings and lunches. This can also all be bespoke.

Submit request

CIRFOOD has a portal ‘Order Direct’ where you can submit a request. Haven’t got an Order Direct account? Then you can apply for one for the UvA at and for the HvA at The creation of an account takes roughly 3 working days. Or you can e-mail

Banqueting is allowed during corona times as well, providing:

  • People keep to the enforced room capacity
  • People are already in the building (so the enforced building capacity is not exceeded)
  • it’s ordered from CIRFOOD, as strict agreements have been made with CIRFOOD in terms of COVID-19 policies and measures.




Spread across the campuses of the UvA and HvA you’ll find machines for hot and cold drinks, sweets and school supplies. The machines only accept contactless payment (NFC). All hot drinks machines use freshly-ground coffee beans.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with the UvA and HvA policies, Corporate Social Responsibility plays an increasingly more important role.

Maas is a family business established in 1898. As a company they work hard to lower their ‘food print’. They do this through the implementation of energy efficient and recyclable machines, re-using them and giving the customer the option of buying second-hand equipment.


Maas supplies only biodegradable cups to the UvA and HvA. Maas was the first company to join Made Blue, an organisation that works to provide clean drinking water in developing countries. Maas contributes to this by donating 1 litre of water to Made Blue for every litre that comes out of their machines.


If a machine breaks down, you can make an account on the Maas portal to report exactly where and what the error is.

You can also make contact via email on or on workdays between 08.00 and 16.00 directly. You can reach Maas on +31 (0)40 -264-4510. Always mention the machine number (found on the display of the machine).